Thursday, June 11, 2009

cRy like A BaBy..

its been a long time i dont cry like a baby to my mom....if im not mistaken, the last time i cry like that was two years ago...then...last nite...i feel so sad....feel so hurt inside....i feel so lost....i sent a msg to my mom....just to let go what was inside my heart....n my mom called me...she try to calm me down...but suddenly i cried...i cried so hard even abah get worried....because they know i will not come n crying to them if its not that sirius...or i feel so hurt....they know how strong n how weak i am.... mak ask me not to cry anymore..just forget what has happen...abah too...but still,..i cry...i just want to cry last nite...a lot of things happen lately....n its really burden my heart...n i dont know how to let it one of the way i know.....i fal a sleep a few minutes later...waking up this morning...make my head feel so heavy....tears come out again after subuh prayer....exhausted...forwhat had happen lately....unfaithfull friends...betrayel...crazy boyfriend..."dear GOD...keep me weak inside...n i need the strenght to get through all this....dear GOD keep me strong....keep me alive...inside n outside..."......


Anonymous said...

Jangan sedih-sedih, big girl don't cry :D

Anonymous said...


Topeng Perak said...

Salam Cahaya...

mmm..dun no wat 2 say,..jez plz be calm & patient...we dun no wat happen next day,..sumtimes we need time to heal and recover back our deep heart injury...jez remember, to unite again also need time dear,..believe me, he still luv u..he's not a bad stabbin' bastard crazy byfren...

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry For Hurting You

I'm sorry for hurting you
I'm sorry for making you cry
I'm sorry i didnt realise why
I'm sorry for not understanding you
I'm sorry for all those fights
I'm sorry for not listening
I'm sorry for not trying
I'm sorry i failed you
I'm sorry i didnt try
I'm sorry for not caring
I'm sorry for not being there
I'm sorry for not supporting you
I'm sorry i really am
I'm sorry i let somebody get closer too you
I'm sorry for fading away
I'm sorry i didnt chase you
I'm sorry you swayed away
I'm sorry i never found you
I'm sorry your hearts lost
I'm sorry i couldnt cure it
I'm sorry but i'll try now
I'm sorry if its too late
I'm sorry but i have to try
I'm sorry for all the things that i just flew by
I'm sorry for being so mad
I'm sorry for being so down
I'm sorry for not understanding you when i wasnt even around
I'm sorry for missing countless nights
I'm sorry for missing you out the puzzle
I'm sorry for underestimating you
I'm sorry i let you fall that time
I'm sorry for my swaying emotions
I'm sorry for losing your heart
I'm sorry i wish things where ok
I'm sorry for being a idiot
I'm sorry but things where meant too be
and i wont give up thats why
i love you, i need you, you are my everything
i'd do anything too make you happy if u just trust me....

Your Love,